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G6 Designs has always thrived on helping other businesses and companies make it on the World Wide Web, we enjoy what we do which means we put our all into getting you the best results possible and we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. So if you would like a beautiful, fresh looking and results driven website then you are at the right place, our testimonials speak volumes. Any web service you require we can offer whether it be Web Design Services, Ecommerce Services, Website Hosting, Social Media Integration, Managing Your Website or Branding Services we have got you covered. G6 Designs can design and develop a website for you, or if you have a design in mind we will develop that exact design for you. As well as all the services you could want we also offer free honest advice and our prices cannot be be beaten for the service you will receive. Contact us for more information or free honest advice.

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We were approcahed by Arshad who is the owner of the company Truelifts Ltd, he originally contacted us about a year ago asking for a quote on a website, to which we provided. However he decided to go with a different company as they had quoted him a cheaper price. If we are honest a price that said to us he wouldn't get the service he had been told he would get. 

As it turns out we were right as 6 months later Arshad was back in touch explaining he had spent a lot of money and the service he had originally been offered was not the case at all. So he had decided to come back to G6 Designs, he did however like the design of the website but needed tweaking a lot as there were things that were out of line and things he was just not happy with about his current website. 

We met up and had a chat and we soon discovered that the other company he had gone with realised he was leaving and took his website down, so this meant we would have to build the website again from scratch and from memory replicate the website but with our own touch and improvements. 

So we got to work and built the site for Truelifts, we also added a shopping cart system so he can sell his mobility scooters and wheelchairs online and arrange delivery with his customers. Arshad was great to work with he knew what he wanted, he was always happy to deliver the content as we needed it such as text for the website and various services. We met several times until Arshad was 100% satisfied with what we had built for him. 

He thanked us many times for the work we had done and explained he now felt he has a website to be proud of and one that can deliver the results he has been wanting for a long time. He also thanked me for been patient with him during some difficult periods of work. Just a few of the many things you get with G6 Designs. 

Customer Website: www.truelifts.co.uk