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We were contacted by Top Trends as they are a successful clothing store in our local area, however they had not yet made that leap to go online. So we met with the owners of the company and had a chat about what they wanted in terms of products, product options, delivery and everything else that is required with an online store.

Top Trends were not really computer literate and was relying on our professional advice and work to bring them an online shop. One instruction they did have was the colour scheme had to be pink and blue to tie in with their current logo.

Top Trends only had some of their images so we went and met them at their shop and took pictures for them of their products so we had the to load them onto the website. When the website was built we spent a day in the shop with Top Trends and went through the software and their online shop with them so they had a full understanding of how it works. 

They were incredibly happy with their website and the system knowing that they could operate and look after their website easily. However with that said the company still decided to opt for a customer care package so that G6 Designs looks after their website for them. As well as the website we also give all their social media channels a makeover and integrated them into the website.

Customer Website: www.top-trends.co.uk