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Client: Paul Print   |   A printing website allowing customers to create their own clothing & merchandise Client: Rachael Alice Photography   |   An ecommerce website built for a photographer with private client areas. Client: Accountax   |   A Brand new website built for an accountant Client: Ben Tallon Illurstration   |   SEO & Maintanence work carried out for an illustration website.

Paul Print

Info: A printing website built to allow customers to create their own clothing | URL: www.paulprint.co.uk BACK TO TOP SCROLL DOWN

E-Commerce Printing Website

The owner of Paul Print contacted us in the hope of having a website built that was fully interactive for his customers, he has had many issues in the past with customers asking for a specific design on a hoodie, mug or any other products he stocks and there has been confusion over the design and has had to redo the product.

So for his website he wanted his customers to come to his website and choose a product from his selection and edit that product themselves, so for example you could select a baby vest and add your own text or select a t-shirt and add your own logo, or even put your favourite photo on a mug to make that morning brew a little better. So as always G6 Designs delivered, Paul Print now has a website that allows it's customers to create their own clothing, merchandise or gifts. This website as also allowed Paul Print to expand there stock and even branch out into doing business cards, poster & flyers.

It was an enjoyable project to do for Paul Print and we even added other areas to the website as a little surprise to make their customers experience with Paul Print a little better, so as well as Paul Print specifications we added Facebook login so his customers don't have to fill out those time consuming forms to create an account they can click the login via Facebook button and login the website will take care of the rest.

We also added a coupn section, so Paul Print can add a voucher for 5% off or £10 off and hand this code out to his customers and when they checkout they can enter the voucher code and get that amount off their order. We also added a sale section so Paul Print can enter a different price on some of their products and for a limited time it will knock the price down, once that time is up the website will automatically put the price back to it's original, which means at just the click of a button you can have a sale and not have to worry about taking the sale back off.

We also added a save your design option, this works well for companies that may get a certain amount of products per order, instead of having to complete their design every time they want to order they can just pull their designs from the saved designs section and re-order a certain quantity of that design. As well as all that we put in the option for team printing, so instead of creating 20 t-shirts for a football team you can create 1 t-shirt and fill in with the name, number and what size they take and the website will automatically create all those t-shirts for you and send your order to Paul Print.

There are many features in this website that makes it so easy and navigatable for Paul Print's customers as we said earlier we enojoyed this project and we would like to thank Paul Print for using G6 Design as their web designer.

Ben Tallon

Info: SEO Work carried out for an illustrator's website | URL: www.bentallon.com BACK TO TOP SCROLL DOWN

An Illustrator's Website

Ben Tallon contacted us as his website was not getting any results from search engines, after having a word with his previous website company he was told that the service he was provided did not include any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work. He knew we as a company offer this to everyone who we build a website for but also offer this service separately for those customers in his situation.

Ben wanted to work closely with this so he was aware of what service he was getting and had a massive input into his website, so we travelled down to London and worked in his studio with him for a couple of days and worked together on a few amendements to his website that he requested and built in his SEO keywords and descriptions. We then registered his website with our search engine accounts and set the search engines to work on picking his website up and producing some results. We also noticed while we were working with Ben that his hosting wasn't very organised as he had several websites that he owns on the same server and things had got a little messy from his previous hosting company.

So on top of the requested work we also went into his server and helped carry out the work to get things in order and a little easier to understand for himself and others that may have something to do with these websites. Ben was pleased with what we did and what we had to offer for the future of his website that he decided to take out a yearly care package of ours, so we now look after his website for him and continue on a weekly basis to do some SEO work.

Ben has also stressed to us that he has another couple of projects in the pipeline that will require brand new websites and he would like G6 Designs to be the ones to build and look after these websites.

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Rachael Alice Photography

Info: Website & Software built for a Photography business | URL: www.rachaelalicephotography.com BACK TO TOP SCROLL DOWN

Furniture Store Website

This website was a huge job and a massive build, we were contacted by Rachael Alice Photography who had a long list of what they would like on their website and to see if it was something G6 Designs could do. We had no problem in meeting the needs for this website and even added in a few ideas of our own that Rachael loved and decided to go with. This website was for a business that takes bookings to arrange a photo shoot for your pets or children, they are based in London.

So Rachael wanted her website to be somewhere that she could create a customer account and they could login to see all the photo's taken during their photo shoot, order any prints or gifts they wanted of their photo's. Rachael wanted the website to be simple to use for herself and for her customers, we built the website so when she creates a customers account and adds their contact information, it will automatically send that customer an email with their username and password without Rachael having to do anything else. Rachael also wanted a place where she could sell prints of her work to the public without them logging in to see particular shoots. So we also made that possible by adding a general shop area and now customers that love a good animal photograph can order a print, mug, keyring, canvas and many more from her online store.

We also built in a system where all her orders can be marked dispatched, needing payment or other status' depending on the order status that can be changed with the click of a button and then will email the customer as it is changed, for that customer satisfaction of always knowing what the status of their order is. Customers can also upload their own photo's and order a print or canvas of them. Or they can get their photo printed on the side of a mug or any other gift type items that Rachael Alice Photography stocks.

The website also includes a system that Rachael can click a button and all her orders she has received will be downloaded to her computer in a excel file format and is organised into a neat looking table that you can quickly create an invoice from or give your accountant the entire file for that year and all her income is in one sheet at the click of a button. Not only that we built in a stunning coupon system where Rachael can create a coupon for £5 off or 10% off, from there she can then print off a coupon complete with a unique number that a customer can then enter into the site on payment and get the set amount off their order.

As well as all that we also built in some photo editing software so that her customers could remove that red-eye or brighten up any photo's they have taken that are not looking as professional as they would have liked before they order the prints from Rachael Alice Photography. Rachael also wanted some package deals including on the site for her customers, so we added a great looking system where customers can select 10 photo's of their choice and create their very own package to order. We also added many different payment methods including a offline and pickup only method.

All that just touches the surface on what this website is capable of doing and how easy it is to maintain and create new things with the touch of a button and completely change the website, this website was also built with 6 different designs meaning Rachael can login to the backend of the website and by the click of a button can change the look of her website as and when she feels.

This website is also under one of our customer care packages which means for a set yearly fee Rachael can have any work she wants carried out on the website and also has the peace of mind that if their is something she is not sure of she can contact G6 Designs and have everything sorted at anytime.

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Keighley Rugby Club

Info: Posters & Tickets designed & printed for a Tribute Night | URL: - BACK TO TOP SCROLL DOWN

Furniture Store Website

Janet from Keighley Rugby Club knew we were a company that designed websites and knew we had designed some artwork for the Tour De France that came to Yorkshire this year. So she contacted us and asked if we also designed posters and tickets for a tribute night that they were hosting at the club. We were happy to put some designs together and see if it was something that would be what Janet wanted. When we met with Janet to show her the designs for the posters & tickets, she was elated with how they looked and immediately asked if we could print them for her as well. So we agreed a price and got the work done.

Janet gave out the posters to people and posted them in places around Keighley. She wanted tickets to have individual numbers on them so she could give out a ticket and make a note of who had what numbered ticket, therefore keeping a record of who was coming who had paid etc all by the number of her tickets. Janet was very pleased with her posters and tickets she had a massive mile when we showeed her the finished piece and she was convinced they would help the event be a success.

We later found out the event was a huge success and our products were largely commented on of how good the quality were and people asking where they were done. Janet has also told us for all further events that the Rugby Club has and she needs any advertising designs doing she will always use G6 Designs.

To see what Janet thought about our work see her Testimonial.

Pineoakio Furniture

Info: A Website built for furniture makers and shop | URL: www.pineoakiofurniture.com BACK TO TOP SCROLL DOWN

Furniture Store Website

We were approached by Stacey & Mick the owners of Pineoakio Furniture because they were having a lot of problems with their current website designer, they were not happy with the service they were receiving as their website was never been updated and the price of things were rising with no explanation and no work carried out. After having a couple of meets with Stacey & Mick they told us they would like their website completely redesigned so it had a fresh look and something new to bring them away from their current website designer. So we gladly put five different designs together for them to go over and see what they preferred. The design you see in the image above is the one they chose. We originally did this design in a blend of greys and blue, however Pineoakio Furniture have always been cream and green so they insisted they wanted our design but changed to these colours. So we gladly changed the design to their specifications and changed a few things that they wanted changing. Basically Pineoakio just wanted a website that advertised all their different products and a rough price on their website with a place for potential customers to get in touch.

Pineoakio didn't want to sell their products online just give a rough guide as a lot of the furniture they make are bespoke pieces and built to customer specifications. So we got all the images that Mick & Stacey had and went to work with putting them on their website as best we could, most of the images we were able to edit and take away the background, leaving just the product to better showcase it to their customers. For some images this is not possible as they may be fitted wardrobes which need to be seen as part of the room. Pineoakio seemed incredibly pleased that we would go to these lengths and edit their images to better showcase their products as with their previous website designer this service was never offered.

Pineoakio Furniture's biggest demand was that they wanted a website that is always up-to-date with their latest products and was promised this by their previous website designer but the website was always out-of-date. So we offered them one of our customer care packages that are available to all our customers, where we look after the enitire website for them and they just contact us with any changes they require and we make those changes within a couple of hours of the request, all for a set yearly fee. So Pineoakio have no worries about trying to find the time to look after their own website, instead they just need to send an email containing images and info and we do all the work for them. They seem incredibly happy with this service as they have contacted us on many occasions to have things updated and on most occasions their website has been updated within 30 minutes of their request.

On top of all that we built a map into their website where you can locate their store and get directions to the store from where ever you are. We were also contacted by Pineoakio around Christmas time to ask if we could make their website look a little Christmassy, without any questions we went ahead and made the changes for them, and when the festive season ends we will put the website back to it's original state.

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M&J Logistics

Info: A Website built for a freight transport service| URL: www.mjlogistics.co.uk BACK TO TOP SCROLL DOWN

A Website Built For A Freight Transport Services Company

M&J Logistics approached us to give their current website a brand new look and something a little better on the eye to better advertise their business and attract new customers. M&J also wanted some of their previous website still used on their new website, such as the pictures of the vans you see above and other images that were used on their old website. They also wanted to keep their current logo, however their logo was very faded, blurred and wasn't looking great on different screen resolutions, so the first thing we aimed to do was sharpen up the logo and take all the blur away but still keep the original look. As you can see on the image above and their website we've managed to do that.

After speaking with M&J in great detail about what they wanted their new website to include, we got to know they just wanted simplicity with a blue and white colour scheme like their previous website. There is not much content at all to go onto the website so we had to try and build a simple looking website that looked as though it had enough content. All M&J wanted was to describe in detail what their business can offer and have contact details easily accessible to all potential customers. We definitely achieved this by giving them a services page that highlights their different services, as welll as adding their contact details to the headers (top) of every page, meaning their customers will never need to look too far to find how to get in touch with M&J.

One of the biggest things that M&J wanted to achieve with their new website was to have it found on search engines, as they have had their current website for over 3 years and have never been ranked on any search engine. So as we built the website we did what we always do, SEO built in (basically we work with the coding to allow top search engines to find what the website is about) so their website will be better found by search engines. M&J also took out our customer care package meaning we will look after their website all year round (any changes they want or need will be taken care of immediatly at no extra cost) plus we will continue to work with their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on a weekly basis getting them even better results on search engines.

We have definitely achieved these results for M&J as after the first month of working with their SEO they are now appearing on the first page of Google and Bing when typing in relevant keywords. Not only did we seem to succeed in everything M&J had requested we went above and beyond our services to help M&J really bring their business to the world of the internet, We also got them a professional email account that is linked to the domain of their website, M&J were using a Hotmail account which doesn't look professional in a business. So now when sending and receiving emails they have that great professional look right across their business. We also met with M&J to get all their emails and website forms to be sent directly to relevant business mobile phones, so this way when any staff members of M&J logistics are out making their deliveries they will never miss the opportunity of another delivery from new potential customers. All this was done in one brilliant low price for M&J and all the added little extras we provided was given to them for free just because we value our customers and want to provide the best possible service.


Info: A Website build for an accountant| URL: www.accountax-kly.com BACK TO TOP SCROLL DOWN

Accountax Website

We work with Accountax as they look after our accounts, Laura Alderson who owns Accountax only had a small one page website that she were not proud of and didn't like to show it off to her customers so she approcahed us to build her a brand new website from the ground up, something she could be proud of, something with a little colour and something that her customers could visit and contact her at their convenience.

We started the work on the website and had to design the whole thing from our ideas as Laura wasn't sure what she wanted and had no idea with these types of things. So we took on board that Laura wanted a little colour and went for the design you see above. Basically we implemented some interactive colour boxes to brighten up the pages and also made her menu interactive with a touch of colour, with an accountant website unfortunatly it isn't something you can jazz up too much but we did what we could with colour and aimed to make it easy on the eye for customers.

We then took the design to Laura thinking that she might want a little more but she actually loved it at first sight and was more than complimentary of our work. We have worked with Laura for some time now and have a great relationship with Accountax and Laura, we also look after their website every day as they took out our customer care package, which means Laura has piece of mind about her website every day.

To see what Accountax thoughht of our work see their Testimonial.

Advantage Group

Info: A Website makeover and job board build | URL: www.advantagerec2rec.info BACK TO TOP SCROLL DOWN

We were approached by Advantage Group to give their website a makeover as their website was running Flash which does not appear on mobile phones and tablets so they wanted all Flash removing from their website. They also wanted there logo altering which meant we had to rebuild the logo from the ground up, plus one of the most important things they wanted was to have a job board built and installed, so their customers could submit their C.V's online and apply for specific jobs.

As well as the job board being fully functional to Advantage Group customers it had to be functional to their staff too, so we ensured the job board could be managed by any chosen staff member, plus it was all categorised into location, job type, wage and more so these credentials can be refined in a customers search.

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