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We were approached by Stacey & Mick the owners of Pineoakio Furniture because they were having a lot of problems with their current website designer, they were not happy with the service they were receiving as their website was never been updated and the price of things were rising with no explanation and no work carried out. After having a couple of meets with Stacey & Mick they told us they would like their website completely redesigned so it had a fresh look and something new to bring them away from their current website designer. So we gladly put five different designs together for them to go over and see what they preferred. The design you see in the image above is the one they chose. We originally did this design in a blend of greys and blue, however Pineoakio Furniture have always been cream and green so they insisted they wanted our design but changed to these colours. So we gladly changed the design to their specifications and changed a few things that they wanted changing. Basically Pineoakio just wanted a website that advertised all their different products and a rough price on their website with a place for potential customers to get in touch.

Pineoakio didn't want to sell their products online just give a rough guide as a lot of the furniture they make are bespoke pieces and built to customer specifications. So we got all the images that Mick & Stacey had and went to work with putting them on their website as best we could, most of the images we were able to edit and take away the background, leaving just the product to better showcase it to their customers. For some images this is not possible as they may be fitted wardrobes which need to be seen as part of the room. Pineoakio seemed incredibly pleased that we would go to these lengths and edit their images to better showcase their products as with their previous website designer this service was never offered.

Pineoakio Furniture's biggest demand was that they wanted a website that is always up-to-date with their latest products and was promised this by their previous website designer but the website was always out-of-date. So we offered them one of our customer care packages that are available to all our customers, where we look after the enitire website for them and they just contact us with any changes they require and we make those changes within a couple of hours of the request, all for a set yearly fee. So Pineoakio have no worries about trying to find the time to look after their own website, instead they just need to send an email containing images and info and we do all the work for them. They seem incredibly happy with this service as they have contacted us on many occasions to have things updated and on most occasions their website has been updated within 30 minutes of their request.

On top of all that we built a map into their website where you can locate their store and get directions to the store from where ever you are. We were also contacted by Pineoakio around Christmas time to ask if we could make their website look a little Christmassy, without any questions we went ahead and made the changes for them, and when the festive season ends we will put the website back to it's original state.

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