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The owner of Paul Print contacted us in the hope of having a website built that was fully interactive for his customers, he has had many issues in the past with customers asking for a specific design on a hoodie, mug or any other products he stocks and there has been confusion over the design and has had to redo the product.

So for his website he wanted his customers to come to his website and choose a product from his selection and edit that product themselves, so for example you could select a baby vest and add your own text or select a t-shirt and add your own logo, or even put your favourite photo on a mug to make that morning brew a little better. So as always G6 Designs delivered, Paul Print now has a website that allows it's customers to create their own clothing, merchandise or gifts. This website as also allowed Paul Print to expand there stock and even branch out into doing business cards, poster & flyers.

It was an enjoyable project to do for Paul Print and we even added other areas to the website as a little surprise to make their customers experience with Paul Print a little better, so as well as Paul Print specifications we added Facebook login so his customers don't have to fill out those time consuming forms to create an account they can click the login via Facebook button and login the website will take care of the rest.

We also added a coupn section, so Paul Print can add a voucher for 5% off or £10 off and hand this code out to his customers and when they checkout they can enter the voucher code and get that amount off their order. We also added a sale section so Paul Print can enter a different price on some of their products and for a limited time it will knock the price down, once that time is up the website will automatically put the price back to it's original, which means at just the click of a button you can have a sale and not have to worry about taking the sale back off.

We also added a save your design option, this works well for companies that may get a certain amount of products per order, instead of having to complete their design every time they want to order they can just pull their designs from the saved designs section and re-order a certain quantity of that design. As well as all that we put in the option for team printing, so instead of creating 20 t-shirts for a football team you can create 1 t-shirt and fill in with the name, number and what size they take and the website will automatically create all those t-shirts for you and send your order to Paul Print.

There are many features in this website that makes it so easy and navigatable for Paul Print's customers as we said earlier we enojoyed this project and we would like to thank Paul Print for using G6 Design as their web designer.