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Angela a manager at Oakwood Hall contacted us after finding us on the internet, she expressed that she hated everything about the current website, the design, the colours just everything. We do not like to put others work down but we could honestly see why she did not like the current website. 

So we met with Angela at the hotel, we thought it was better we went to the hotel to get a real feel for the place and it may help us with our work. Angela was brilliant to wok with she was great to work alongside as she was very passionate about her work and the hotel and what she wanted for the website.

After a few meetings and delivery of content we went to work and put a design together, we then uploaded the design to a tester server so Angela could keep track of the website as we made changes as further meetings were getting harder due to the work load for her. So as we made the changes she requested to various areas of the website she could see them immediately. 

We worked for several months on this with Angela to get the design and the colours she wanted around the website. She also sent us several photos which needed some heavy work to make them look good on the website as they were very old photos of the hotel, and when we say old we mean old, this is a very historical hotel. We worked with the photos and made them look stunning as you can see around the website. Angela also sent us a background that she really wanted to use on the website, however it was in a completely different colour to the colour scheme she had asked for on the website and asked if there is anything we could do... Obviosuly we could as that is what we are here to do. 

As well as photo editing and background changing services the hotel also had a wine list in PDF format that they wanted shown on the website, however Angela was not happy with how this looked either, so G6 Designs re-created this document for her in a design she was happy with. 

This website was built with many different types of saftware in it such as photo galleries, a content management system, downloadable files and much more. As well as the design and all the edits we made to several things this site will eventually be tied in with a booking system and working alongside booking.com. 

Angela was so impressed with the way we worked and made everything so easy for her that even though this website has a content management system she took out a customer care package to ensure she will be continued to look after by G6 Designs. 

Customer Website: www.oakwoodhall.co.uk