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Keighley Rugby Club

Info: Posters & Tickets designed & printed for a Tribute Night | URL: - BACK TO TOP SCROLL DOWN

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Janet from Keighley Rugby Club knew we were a company that designed websites and knew we had designed some artwork for the Tour De France that came to Yorkshire this year. So she contacted us and asked if we also designed posters and tickets for a tribute night that they were hosting at the club. We were happy to put some designs together and see if it was something that would be what Janet wanted. When we met with Janet to show her the designs for the posters & tickets, she was elated with how they looked and immediately asked if we could print them for her as well. So we agreed a price and got the work done.

Janet gave out the posters to people and posted them in places around Keighley. She wanted tickets to have individual numbers on them so she could give out a ticket and make a note of who had what numbered ticket, therefore keeping a record of who was coming who had paid etc all by the number of her tickets. Janet was very pleased with her posters and tickets she had a massive mile when we showeed her the finished piece and she was convinced they would help the event be a success.

We later found out the event was a huge success and our products were largely commented on of how good the quality were and people asking where they were done. Janet has also told us for all further events that the Rugby Club has and she needs any advertising designs doing she will always use G6 Designs.

To see what Janet thought about our work see her Testimonial.


Info: Tour De France 'Yorkshire Tour' Enamel Sign Artwork| URL: - BACK TO TOP SCROLL DOWN

Bernard approached us as he had an idea for a new business venture, which was to print some enamel signs for the Yorkshire tour of the Tour De France as memorabilia. He wanted some artwork doing to put on his signs, he requested it to be a simple design as he didn't like things looking busy he also requested a name like 'Tour De France' but something that wouldn't breach copyright laws and wanted it to instantly say cycling and the dates of the tour.

So we got to work for Bernard and completed in total 7 designs for Bernard to choose from, we met up with Bernard on several occasions and went through some designs and he went through them and asked for a couple to be tweaked. We then went away and worked with the changes Bernard had requested and met up at an available time for him and he loved the design above. We also worked with Bernard and the printers he had chosen to print the artwork onto the signs so that the design and colours we were using the printers could print well.

Bernard was great to work with very honest on which designs he liked and didn't like and was clear with any changes he wanted to make. These signs will be on sale around Yorkshire while the Tour is here and will also be available on Ebay around that time.