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Client: Paul Print   |   A printing website allowing customers to create their own clothing & merchandise Client: Rachael Alice Photography   |   An ecommerce website built for a photographer with private client areas. Client: Accountax   |   A Brand new website built for an accountant Client: Ben Tallon Illurstration   |   SEO & Maintanence work carried out for an illustration website.

DOA Gaming Logo

Info: A logo for a gaming website | URL: www.doagaming.co.uk BACK TO TOP SCROLL DOWN

Shane Gall decided that his other business DOA Gaming needed another logo, so he went to work on a design and that is the logo you see above.

To see what DOA Gaming thought of our work see their Testimonial.

John Lambert Garage

Info: A recreation of his existing logo | URL: www.johnlambertgarage.co.uk BACK TO TOP SCROLL DOWN

John Lambert already had a logo for his garage, however he did not have a digital copy of his logo to be able to get it on his website so we went to work on creating an exact replica of his logo to ensure he kept his business image across all media. John was extremely happy with how we recreated the logo and we have provided him with a digital copy for future use.

To see what John Lambert Garage thought of our work see their Testimonial.

Little Secrets

Info: A logo designed for a lingirie shop| URL: - BACK TO TOP SCROLL DOWN

We were approached by a lingirie company that was wanting a new logo, they specified that the logo had to be pink and black, have the business name and be relevant to lingirie. So we designed the logo above and we can honestly say that it is the best reaction we have ever had to work we have done, the owners of Little Secrets were thrilled with their new logo.

G6 Designs

Info: Our very own logo | URL: www.g6designs.co.uk BACK TO TOP SCROLL DOWN

Of cause we designed our very own logo, we aimed for something simple and neon looking and in our opinion that is what we achieved, also the logo instantly says exactly who we are and what we do. With our logo as you will see it is hollow in the middle meaning it can adapt to any colour that it sits on, so on the image above it appears grey in the middle on the top of our website it looks black in the middle.